Split Face Kansas Limestone


The standard and most common finish for all veneer, Split Face is the finish created after a hydraulic splitter splits natural stone. Similar to a Guillotine, this method applies pressure using steel chisels to a larger slab or billet before splitting it to a desired bed depth. The resulting finish reveals a rough texture that can be replicated consistently.


Belt Sawed Kansas Limestone


The finish derives its name from the belt saws used in fabrication for cutting large raw blocks into smaller workable slabs. The belt saw produces a smooth surface with slight grooves similar to corduroy that are often not visible. This method of sawing provides a consistent warm feel and texture for architectural elements and paving projects. Belt sawed is also our most economical finish for many cut stone applications making it a popular selection for designers and their clients.


Honed Kansas Limestone


Honed finish is a smooth almost satin finish with no gloss soft feel. This finish is an extremely popular texture for many applications; exterior panels, window and door surrounds, fireplace mantels and hearths and interior paving are all examples. Honing will highlight natural characteristics or inclusions found in our Kansas limestone making it attractive for clients desiring a true presentation of natural stone.





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