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Kansas Limestone 101

Introduction to Kansas Limestone focus’ on the natural sedimentary stone which started forming during the Permian period in what is now the State of Kansas.

Attendees will learn about the attributes of Natural Kansas Limestone and its relevance in sustainable design. Expect a dive into the Permian Sea and the origin of Kansas limestone, which will reveal it’s physical properties. Harvesting and specific fabrication techniques will be shared and discussed. Participants will also get answers to industry questions about cleaning, matching existing stone work and methods and systems in which Kansas Limestone can be installed. Last but not least, we will uncover how to achieve the desired design effect through use of texture, color, shape and assistance from industry experts.

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Natural Stone Education

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Learning Objectives:

  • Formation of limestone and knowledge of the physical properties of limestone.
  • Better understanding of the harvesting and fabrication process of natural limestone.
  • How to clean, match existing structures, anchoring methods, and common installation procedures.
  • Understand the attributes of natural stone and its relevance within sustainable practices and design.
  • Utilizing natural limestone by understanding shape, texture, and color, to achieve a desired design and final product.

Target Audience:

Architects, owners, builders, specifying partners, distributors and residential, commercial and institutional designers.

Presentation Format:

PowerPoint presentation, handouts and natural stone samples.

Equipment Requirements:

HDMI or Flash Drive compatible television or projector or with screen.

Presenter Qualifications:

US Stone Industries Regional Management or Project Management team member who has successfully completed training and received certification.

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