Recognizing the responsibility that comes with tending to natural resources and environments, U.S. Stone is proud to be named as a sustainable producer of Natural Dimension Stone. 

U.S. Stone earned the NSC 373 Certification as a Sustainable Stone Gold Fabricator in 2022. 

The diversity and beauty of Kansas Limestone is echoed by the land it comes from. U.S. Stone Industries is committed to sustainable operations and innovation from quarry through fabrication and delivery. 

With a continued effort to sustainability, U.S. Stone strives to achieve certification in quarry sustainability in 2024.

Building a Better Future

Sustainable Quarry Practices

U.S. Stone Industries has fully implemented dry sawing and extraction for all quarry sites. This initiative has maximized efficiency as it relates to fuel, reduced logistical footprints and has effectively minimized waste from the start of extraction to the delivery of raw Kansas Limestone blocks. U.S. Stone Industries is also leading the region in regards to land reclamation, shaping and seeding with collaboration between quarry teams and colleagues at the state of Kansas. Continued commitment and execution are key in exercising the elements of the NSC 373 quarry sustainability standards to achieve certification. 

U.S. Stone Industries Quarry
U.S. Stone Industries is committed to a zero waste strategy and uses all byproducts of the stone for purposes such as stone aggregate for rural roads.

ANSI/NSI 373 Certification

U.S. Stone achieved certification for sustainable stone fabrication operations in 2022. This certification from the Natural Stone Institute works to improve the industry’s baseline for the environmental performance of natural stone.

Achieving Zero Waste

At U.S. Stone Industries we sustainably quarry and fabricate natural stone building products designed and installed by partners across North America.

In addition to finished natural stone products, U.S. Stone Industries stockpiles fine, dried lime (a by-product of water recycling during fabrication) for agricultural use and crushes unused material for aggregate applied regionally to rural roads. These materials could be treated as meaningless waste from the fabrication process, but U.S. Stone Industries has devised innovative methods to turn trash into treasure, while simultaneously minimizing carbon footprint.

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Finished Stone

Used by builders, landscapers, and masons.

U.S. Stone Industries produces stone aggregate as a byproduct as part of a zero waste commitment.

Crushed Stone

Applied as an aggregate to regional rural roads.

U.S. Stone Industries produces pelletized lime as a byproduct as part of a zero waste commitment.

Pelletized & Powdered lime

Used in agricultural applications.

Conserving Precious REsources

U.S. Stone recycled nearly 17000% of its water in 2022, with hopes of increasing that number in future years. This recycling percentage is accomplished through redundant usage of the same water in all production facilities.

U.S. Stone Industries Water Recycling Tower and Lime for fertilization