Tumbled & Non-Tumbled Mosaic Veneer

Common Name

Web Wall, Irregular, Mosaic, Field Stone, Building Stone, Mid-Century Modern

Building Products Name

Thin Veneer, Full Veneer, Tumbled, Non-Tumbled
LaFontaine, U.S. Stone Industries' web wall pattern, shown in Prairie Shell color as a veneer cladding.

Classic Collection

About LaFontaine

LaFontaine is a split face Kansas Limestone veneer with a rustic field stone appearance. Its irregularity gives a natural mosaic feel that is trending with the revival of the mid-century modern design. Historically known in Kansas as “web wall”, Saint Clere is available in thin and full-bed and can be tumbled or non-tumbled.

Finish & Color Options

Chestnut Shell in Split Finish

Chestnut Shell

Cottonwood in Split Finish


Flint Hills Gray in Split Finish

Flint Hills Gray

Gray Variegated in Split Finish

Gray Variegated

Onaga in Split Finish


Plaza Gray in Split Finish

Plaza Gray

Prairie Shell in Split Finish

Prairie Shell

Silverdale in Split Finish


Split finish shown with all available colors. Create your own blend.

Create Your Own Blend

Stone Specifications

Pattern Sample

Web Wall, Irregular, Mosaic, Field Stone, Building Stone, Mid-Century Modern Tumbled & Non-Tumbled Mosaic Veneer

Additional Information

Thin Veneer will be 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ thickness

Full Bed will have nominal 4″ and 5″ bed depth

Veneer units will be split on at least 5 edges; 1 edge can be sawn

Rectangular, triangular and irregular shapes possible

Available Stone Types: Cottonwood, Silverdale, Onaga, Prairie Shell, Chestnut Shell, Flint Hills Gray, Gray Variegated, Plaza Gray

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