Eagle Creek

Small, Medium & Large Retaining Wall Bock

Common Name

Retaining Wall Block, Seat Block, Barrier Blocks, Quarry Slabs

Building Products Name

Eagle Creek 14 inch Retaining Wall Block in Gray Variegated Color

Natural Collection

About Eagle Creek

Unrefined Kansas Limestone slabs and blocks are easy to maintain and range from creamy buff to taupe gray. When stacked, the irregularly of Eagle Creek natural slabs and blocks allow for the movement of water, making it a great solution for retaining walls, sea walls, water features, and seating.

Finish & Color Options

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Cottonwood in Split Finish


Flint Hills Gray in Split Finish

Flint Hills Gray

Gray Variegated in Split Finish

Gray Variegated

Stone Specifications

Additional Information

Natural Top and Bottom. Mix of natural, split, sawn and broken edges.

Random shapes including rectangles, triangles and irregular shapes.

Retaining Wall Block Specifications:

Small: 9″ tall x 24″ to 48″ widths x minimum 36″ to 60″ random lengths

Medium: 14″ tall x 18″ to 30″ widths x minimum 36″ to 120″ random lengths

Medium: 18″ tall x 20″ to 30″ widths x minimum 36″ to 60″ random lengths

Large: 24″ tall x minimum 24″ width x minimum 48″ random lengths

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