Irregular Paving

Common Name

Flagstone Paving, Irregular Paving, Patio Stone

Building Products Name

Landscape, Hardscapes
Cottonwood Cut, Cottonwood Flagstone and Cottonwood Split

Surfaces Collection

About Flagstone

Kansas Limestone flagstone is curated from quarried block and cut into flat slabs in approximate 4′ x 4′ sheets. Used primarily to pave walkways and patios, flagstone slabs are meant to be broken and creatively installed in an irregular pattern for a casual, organic aesthetic.

Finish & Color Options

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Stone Specifications

Additional Information

2 1/4″ thickness

Estimated coverage 65 – 70 SQ FT / TON

Available Textures: Sawn, Blasted, Brushed, Bush Hammer, Heritage, Sawtooth, Suede, Veriglass

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